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Are you looking to add a new member to your family?

Adoption costs

  • Kittens - $200

  • Cats - $150

  • Puppies - $300

  • Dogs - $250

This fee helps us to cover all the essential treatments before adoption and also helps us to take care of more animals in need. 


At the time of adoption each animal will be dewormed, deflead, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and come with a welcome pack. Some dogs will be registered for the remaining year but registration from the new year onwards and if they are not currently registered will be the responsibility of the new owner(s).

** Before the adoption is completed Ruahine Animal Rescue will conduct a property inspection to ensure the house and surroundings will be suitable for the pet. We will consider the environment including other pets and children, any special needs of the animal and fencing if required.


Buddy Good.jpg


Age: Approximately 8 years old

Breed: Staffordshire bull terrier cross Shar pei mix (M)

Available now

A little bit about me: 

Buddy hasn't had the best start to life so he will need a patient home that can further his training, and understand that he has a few quirks to overcome that he will need help and guidance with.  Buddy is perfect blend of friendly, cuddly, and affectionate; he loves nothing more than to be around humans, showering him with love and receiving belly rubs and cuddles.

Buddy is not a high energy dog but does enjoy going out on daily walks and exploring in nature, He can be strong on the lead but just needs to burn off some steam first and then he improves quickly. Although Buddy is a very affectionate dog and would love a home where he can curl up in front of the fireplace and prance around the backyard, his ideal home would have no small children, cats or small animals.

If you are willing to open your heart and home to a sweet gentle soul please don't hesitate to contact the team,



Age: Approximately 7 months

Breed: Ridgeback Cross (M)

Available now

A little bit about me

Dougie is handsome chap who is looking for a home where he can be part of a small family. Dougie can be very timid at first and a bit nervous out on walks so needs a quiet, patient home without young kids so he can come out of his shell at his own pace. Once he is comfortable his personality shines through and you'll see his lovable side and his unlimited snuggles.

Dougie does really well with other dogs but does have a rough playing style so will need his doggy pals to be fine with a bit of rough and tumble. Dougie loves long daily walks and loves to swim in the river. Dougie has had a huge amount of training of walking on the lead, however he still requires work on his recall. 

With consistent training and daily enrichment activities, Dougie will quickly mature into the well-rounded and loving companion that he has the potential to be. While the initial investment of time and effort may be needed, it will pay off in the long run, resulting in a loving and well-behaved furry family member. Dougie is looking for a home with people around for parts or most of the day, ideally not leaving me alone for more than a few hours at a time while he settles into a new routine.

Dougie loves a cuddle and will bring endless joy and companionship to his new family.

Max NEW_edited.jpg


Age: Approximately 4 months

Breed: Staffy Cross (M)

Available now

A little bit about me: Max is approximately 3 and a half months old male staffy cross, who will grow to a medium size dog. Max loves cuddles and sleep in's, and is great with small children and cats.

His favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating and playing with his foster sister, and he also loves helping his cat brother finish his dinner.


Max has been working on his basic commands and has started to lead train which he is taking to well. He is toilet trained and is using cat/dog doors to go outside. He loves daily walks and the chance to meet new people and dogs.

Due to Max's age, he will need someone around for part of the day or most of the day, especially while he is young. Ideally, he should not be left alone for more than a couple hours at a time. This will help him settle into a new environment and routine. It will also allow for him to be fed midday meal and to be enriched at the same time.

Shylo 1.jpg


Age: Approximately 6 years

Breed: Fox Terrier Cross (M)

Available now

A little bit about me: 

Shylo came to Ruahine Animal Rescue from the CHB Council for rehoming. He was adopted to a furrever home, unfortunately Shylo struggled being home during the day on his own, so would need someone who is home during the day.

Shylo is a sweet boy who gets along with larger dogs (careful introduction always recommended) unfortunately he is no good with cats.

Shylo can take a little time to warm up to people but once he knows he is safe he will be your best friend.

If you think you can offer some patience and give Shylo a Furrever home please contact the team.


We have a number of Kitten in foster homes that will be available for adoption in the next couple of weeks. Please check back here for updates or email for more information.



Age: 7 Months old

Breed: DSH - Domestic short hair Black (M)

Available now

A little bit about me: 

Beanie is a gorgeous little man who loves hanging out in the sun.


He can be a little shy to start with but once he is comfortable loves a good pat.


Beanie and matilda are brother and sister and would make a great double adoption.



Age: 7 Months Old

Breed: DSH - Domestic short hair Tabby (F)

Available now

A little bit about me: 

Matilda is a loving your lady who is calm and friendly with endless purrs.

She loves a quiet sunny spot to relax and sleep in the sun.

Beanie and matilda are brother and sister and would make a great double adoption.



Age: 8 weeks old

Breed: DSH - Domestic short hair B&W (F)

Available soon

A little bit about me: 

Izzy is a loving girl who loves nothing more than a snuggle.


She can be a little shy to start but once she is comfortable she will be your best friend.

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